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Keys to Breakthrough

A close colleague of ours just Launched an amazing business.

Kristina​'s Dream Journey tag line...

Here are some thoughts on why I love this Tag Line Question:

~It spurs faith into action.

~It is the convergence of the Apostolic (Architectural Builder) and the Prophetic (Governmental Declaration & Decree).

~It nudges & calls into loving account the balanced partnership of Kingship (putting your money, resources & sweat where your...) Priesthood is...(Ministering salvation, identity and the freedom to dream & co create with your Creator).

~It simplistically breaks down the overwhelming and puts action items into an ever empowering, bite size,chewable task for Whatever DAY is TODAY. Right NOW.

Some Keys to Breaking Through to Convergence:

ACTiON Key~ The Pen is Mightier than a Sword, and the Sword of the Spirit through your tongue has the power of Life and Death. What is said can light a forest on fire and steer an entire ship. Prov.18:21 James 3.

1. Write down a list of all the lies, intimidations, fear, and inadequacies the enemy berates you with.

2. Burn them to ashes. (Gasoline and fireworks are optional. Add forgiveness where necessary.)

3. Take the ashes and paint them into a beautiful chalk drawing of a footstool.

Ref. Is 61 & Psalm110.

4. Write down a list of all the TRUTHS Daddy tells you that override the enemy's lies.

5. Trust whatever He says.

6. Believe Daddy and take Him at His word...(breakthrough comes faster if you do this with Childlike Faith vs. adult-like wishing & hoping aka Rolling the Dice & 'Shooting Craps').

roll the dice, craps, luck, faith

Key~Don't snuff out others candles; run around and ignite them with lighter fluid.

Abraham, encourage, activate

Key~Link arms with a Reinforcement Team of 'tribe-like-minded-encouragors.' Meet frequently and Intentionally.

Key~For us to shine like Abraham’s Stars, Even God had to Map Out the Skies. Get WITH Him and your Reinforcement Team and ACTIVATE the Navigation System and INSTALL the Business Plan.

Key~Celebrate like a Jew during the High Holy Weeks when even the smallest of substance begins to take form.

Dancing, Jewish, Celebrate

Key~ Shoot for the Moon! No Really. Permission granted. Just like Chuck Yeager and the other test pilots in the 1950s, broke through the sound barrier and blazed a trail that eventually resulted in putting the sole of a foot on the moon... always always #PushTheEnvelope always... and Breakthrough Will Happen. Watch The Right Stuff. There is an actual physical scientific envelope that the pilots pushed through.

As Christians the veil atmosphere isn’t just thin enough to reach through, the Veil has been torn and is not even there...there is NO BARRIER. You are living in a “FREE TO FLY” ZONE!

The Right Stuff, sound barrier, speed of sound
The Right Stuff, sound barrier, speed of sound
The Right Stuff, sound barrier, speed of sound

Key~Have fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously. The Joy of the Lord is our Strength and the Oil of Gladness makes us more slick, stealth, fluid, aerodynamic and reduces the friction of gear grinding crankiness.

Doing your Destiny, faithful, fun

Key~Be faithful with Doing your Destiny Right NOW. Whatever DAY is TODAY. Daddy’s Mercies are NEW Every Morning. Repeat Doing it again tomorrow and the next day. Before you know it, you’ll be walking on water, walking on sunshine or flying to the moon...whatever the Greater Works are that Jesus promised you would do in His name.

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