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Dr. Bill Peters


My name is Dr. Bill Peters and I am writing this letter of recommendation in behalf of Bradley and Kimiya DeRuiter.  I have worked closely with this couple the past six years and found them to be people of excellent character, and counsel.  They have very strong creative and administrative skill sets.


The DeRuiters have a passion to see people launched into their destinies.  Bradley has a deep and rich business background. He has successfully grown several companies. One of his keys to success, that I have witnessed, is his ability to really bring out the best in people. Bradley is unique in his drive, where most people strive for their own success Bradley seems to thrive when he can help others succeed.  I have witnessed this first hand in his service to our ministry. He has played a key role in helping our International Children’s Aid Network (ICAN) be a success through providing critical input in developing our business plan as well as in many other areas.  Bradley has also been a been instrumental in our church ministry.  He developed and manages the website presence for our Church and also brings a powerful preaching, teaching and worship ministry. 


Kimiya is just as amazing in her business skills having personally launched several businesses that Bradley and her own.  I have witnessed her keen insight for strategy and her innate ability to sense what is down the road and plan accordingly. Kimiya has also played a very practical role in the success of our ICAN ministry and church ministry.  She has initiated our social media campaign on both fronts and continues to strategically manage them. Kimiya is also an anointed servant leader in our church ministry at Angel Fire Christian Center. She is a gifted preacher and teacher and provides keen prophetic insight that continues to immensely bless us. 


I believe that whatever Kimiya and Bradley put their hands to, they will be successful at. I look forward to what they bring through Launch Pad127.


- Dr. Bill Peters

  • CEO, International Children’s Aid Network

  • Co-Founder, Angel Fire Christian Center

Will Roberts


"Brad and Kimiya have been instrumental in impacting my life in recent years. I am immensely thankful for their wisdom, compassion and guidance. As individuals and as a couple, they have a rare mixture of tangible/practical experience in the business world as well as outside the box thinking...and most importantly, they genuinely care about seeing people reach their fullest potential and fulfill their destiny! I am so excited to see them continue to walk in this endeavor on an even greater scale with LaunchPad127."


-Will Roberts, Actor, Former Pro Athlete, Business Owner (Iron Will Sports and Fitness)

Diane Wigstone


I have known Brad & Kimiya DeRuiter for over 20 years. During this time, I have gotten to know Brad & Kimya quite well and can thoroughly vouch for their character and abilities. I have seen them in business and ministry, as well as personal family settings, and their character always remains consistently high without compromise.


Through the years I have seen Brad & Kimiya in a variety of leadership roles, all of which they handle with confidence and humility. Many people seek their wisdom, advice and support. They are always there for any who seek their advice and are quite comfortable in the role. Brad & Kimya are both excellent public speakers. They communicate effectively with everyone they encounter.


In both business, and ministry, they have consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. Their efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. Brad was President CEO of a profitable multimillion dollar business, that they successfully navigated through the complicated process of a merger with another company. Brad's expertise, and hands on experience in business - running a multifaceted business - is invaluable. Kimiya's relentless motivation and her knowledge of art, design, beauty and fashion, brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to any project in need of creativity and design. One example, is with her love of art and determination to spread her passion, Kimiya created a curriculum for home school group in the LA area, to teach school children the importance of understanding and appreciating art. Together Brad & Kimiya have developed and successfully implemented several corporations and small businesses. Each was a major undertaking, requiring a great deal of thought and effort on their behalf. I appreciate the time & enthusiasm for their many projects and their constant progress with them all. Brad & Kimya always make sure their work is done exceptionally well.


I feel their leadership abilities are effective in both business and ministry type settings. I have seen them create successful resolutions for many problems, both big, and small. Associates who know Brad & Kimiya often remark that they are blessed with considerable talent. What many of them overlook is how hard they have worked to cultivate their talent, whether it be the development of their beautiful singing voices & musical giftings, their writing & communication skills, multi-media abilities, artistic & design talents, pastoral and ministry leadership, or business expertise. I know of the effort that they put into all they do to ensure whatever they do is completed with excellence. 


Brad & Kimya are a pleasure to work with because their pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. Their past success and enthusiasm, as Youth Pastors, often carries over into whatever project they are working on. As leaders they always have handled their positions fairly by making sure everyone has work that they could accomplish and enjoy. If Brad & Kimya had someone complaining in their work group, rather than getting upset, they continue to point out the positives until the person begins to perform at their level of capability.


In the over twenty years I have known Brad & Kimiya, I have continually seen evidence of their excellent character, good nature attitudes, generosity, and humility, as well as genuine intellectual curiosity - a curiosity that is often accompanied by their excitement or enthusiasm for a new idea, a concept, a project, or a challenging performance. Brad & Kimya are both highly motivated with numerous talents and considerable self discipline. They are fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, trusting and trustworthy.


I highly recommend Brad & Kimiya to help you, or your organization accomplish all you have envisioned, and more!


Dr. Rev. Diane Wigstone 

President CEO Kingdom Enterprises International 

President CEO Destiny Center 

Author, Speaker, Missionary, Producer, Director, Actress 

Director - YWAM Hollywood

Rae Lynne Johnson


Launch Pad has revolutionized my life. Brad and Kimiya have an extraordinary ability to draw deep treasure from people. Like master weavers they spin a magical environment perfect for discovering and exploring both who you are and the great things you are gifted to do. With prophetic insight, generous love, profound encouragement, and playful instigation, they activate and launch you into your dreams and destiny. They have done this and more for me, all in a relational context where I have had more fun and play and adventure than I have ever experienced. I highly recommend Launch Pad if, for you, normal living is just not enough.


Rae Lynne Johnson

Writer & Speaker

Kristina Brace


Brad & Kimiya have impacted my life in so many significant ways over the past 16 years it would easily fill a decent size book.  With that my heart is full of excitement, love, and gratitude to share a glimpse into what it is like to gain life from this couple.   


When we first met the connection was an instantaneous kindred spirit experience.  They exuded love, joy and acceptance and were a disarmingly attractive couple.   As we moved through life together, one could not help but see the tenacity of pursuing God with all their heart mind and soul.  Their whole life is rooted in the Word, growing in true relationship with the Trinity where wisdom and love abounds.  Observing them grow in their marriage from typical roles & expectations of husband and wife to extraordinary powerful free reigning interdependent couple has been genuinely profound.  


Throughout this time they have submitted their life and passions to God thus moving back and forth from Northern Cal to Southern Cal where Brad took over a fragile family business as CEO and tripled it in size in just 3 years.  Not only are the numbers impressive but it’s the way he addressed those issues that brought a kingdom mindset to the world of business.  He painstakingly reviewed and assessed every person strengths/weaknesses as well as listen to them carefully to find their heart’s desires.   He did all he could to give them each the best vantage point to ensure their talents were expressed resulting in a team that was joyful and efficient having a huge impact on the productivity which in turn propelled the company back to a thriving business.  All this as a response to God’s call to serve his family.  Brads ability to see the vision for a company then execute the details and effectively manage people towards that vision is a rare and important asset to any company. He accomplishes this with a sincere heart for people to reach their fullest potential.  Communication backed by excellence and genuine love for people is one of his top assets.  I have dubbed him “the Lance Wallnau” of the West Coast.  Understanding his skill set and how to use it with unwavering enthusiasm and humor is one of the most attractive and powerful assets one receives when he is invited to work with them. 


Brad’s incomparable wisdom and discernment can be best recognized when you meet his wife Kimiya.  They have worked hard to create a seamlessly fun and highly intelligent partnership both at home, in their several businesses and church life.  Though both are artists in their own right, Brad as a musician and Kimiya as artisan & makeup artist, Brad is a high functioning “left-brain” free flowing corporate man and Kimiya is all pistons fired up creativity flowing “right-brain” woman.  They have learned well and now mentor many on a personal and business/entrepreneurial level to attain ones dreams or reach objectives successfully. They have helped our marriage by showing us how embrace and honor each other’s personalities, talents, and dreams which in turn impacted our family and business to prosper.  

Kimiya is a force in her own right.  Her willingness to always say “Yes” to God has allowed her insight and talents to expand.  Watching her ability to prophesy and interpret is mind blowing.  You will always benefit from her wisdom and faith.  I find her to be a true Proverbs 31 women who is totally approachable.  She has earned her degree in both business acumen and artist the best way one can through hard work and hands on living it out!  She has blessed me so first by her unwavering belief in me and then by the wisdom and love God so eloquently expresses through her spirit and heart.  Her joy is contagious and fierce loyalty and uncompromising outlook of living out kingdom of heaven on earth is relentless.  Anyone who has the privilege to have her come by your side will never live or work in the mundane.  Kimiya is full color, love, and light! 


So excited for the arrival of Launch Pad 127!  When you get a couple with this much enthusiasm, experience, and love to get behind you the skies the limit!  The depth and breadth they bring is transforming for they are genuinely interested in you and your dreams.  


Kirstina Brace

Founder Dream Journey Studios

Nathan Johson


Brad and Kimiya have been excellent mentors to me. They taught me how to press into a deeper relationship with God and to exercise my spiritual gifts. They are some of the kindest, most generous people you will ever meet. They have encouraged me to believe God for big dreams and not settle for small dreams. I watched my entire family grow in leaps and bounds through mentorship and friendship with the DeRuiter’s. I can honestly say, I would not be where I am today without them. Thank you Brad and Kimiya!


-Nathan Johson

Author, Photographer, Film Director

Soraya Rondon


Dear Kimiya & Brad, what an awesome season in your lives! I am honored and humble to be galloping with such steeds!  Both Al and I have witness the birth, and now, fruition, of your dream with God, and we testify of your steadfast and faithful walk. Amazingly, and as only God can, this is only one of your facets, but one, i think, represents and utilizes your gifts the best. You are not just encouragers, but hands-on "launchers" so this venture is exactly where you need to be at this season.


I personally can testify of your unconditional and solid support as I conceived and birthed a Soirée to Remember. Your genuine care paired with sober and practical advice helped me tremendously to establish myself as a serious business. Even something as "simple" as helping me develop my website (which was not simple for me at all!) turned out to be a catapult to becoming a serious business - both to the public and more importantly, in my own mind. YOU TWO HELPED ME SEE MYSELF THE WAY THAT GOD SEES ME, and in turn, see my business as God intended.


So i want say "thank you for helping me launch my business, but thank you for being God's slingshot (lol) I love you both and I can't wait to see the next phase of your lives!


-Soraya Rondon

Founder of Soiree to Remember

A. R.


Shoot, praise!  I've learned how to worship God in a deeper level from Brad and Kimiya’s example.  I've also learned what it really is to be supportive with each other in prayer and in deed.  Shoot, you guys are a great example of how to love on people.  


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