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"Do business with this until I come back." ~Luke 19:13

CEO - Chairman of the Board

Increased revenue by 300%, from $12M to $36M, and operating profits as a percent of sales more than doubled (from a high of 5% to 10%) within 4 years of the 8 year tenure.

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By Kimiya - Alchemy for the Artrepreneur providing: Hair&Makeup, Jewelry and Pottery.


What is your medium?Wanna #RunAndPlay ?

Kimiya is a retired Home School Veteran, currently both an entrepreneur and an artist, a true Californian native, born and raised in Northern California's Bay Area.  She owns and provides executive leadership for over a handful of companies and spiritual encouragement as an ordained minister. These landscapes provide a vast playground for creative endeavors impacting multiple sectors of society on several continents. 


You might find Kimiya straddling the administration of her family’s Business Consulting & Management Company, OnTrackRacing llc. race car company, commercial real estate, Art Studio, On Track Recording Studio and Photography & Film Production Company.


Using her strategic business skills she is helping create sustainable resources via facilitating ongoing Business Training Schools  in coalition with the ICAN~International Children's Aid Network

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