"Do business with this until I come back." ~Luke 19:13

On Track Results, founded by Bradley DeRuiter, provides: Executive Level Business Consulting.

On Track Racing: On Track Driving Instruction & Custom Car Setup.

On Track Recording: Music & Film score composing and mastering.



Bradley DeRuiter has over 25 years of business management experience in small and large corporations providing proven leadership and strategic thinking.  Prior to founding On Track Results he was CEO of Pervo Paint Company, a privately held corporation that produced traffic marking products and industrial coatings. While at the helm of Pervo Paint he was able to increase revenues from $12 million to over $38 milllion while also creating a 10% return on those revenues.  He also led the negotiation of an acquisition of Pervo Paint Company bringing the ownership a profitable return on their investment.  Bradley has also held positions of President of Davlin Coatings and Director of Distribution for Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions.

UNbyKimiya - Alchemy for the Artrepreneur providing: Hair&Makeup, Jewelry and Pottery.


What is your medium?Wanna #RunAndPlay ?

Kimiya is a retired Home School Veteran, currently both an entrepreneur and an artist, a true Californian native, born and raised in Northern California's Bay Area.  She owns and provides executive leadership for over a handful of companies and spiritual encouragement as an ordained minister. These landscapes provide a vast playground for creative endeavors impacting multiple sectors of society on several continents. 


You might find Kimiya straddling the administration of her family’s Business Consulting & Management Company, OnTrackRacing llc. race car company, commercial real estate, Art Studio, On Track Recording Studio and Photography & Film Production Company.


Using her strategic business skills she is helping create sustainable resources via facilitating ongoing Business Training Schools  in coalition with the ICAN~International Children's Aid Network